Vehicle Kits

Plastic kits of millitary vehicles in various scales.

Vehicle Kits 1/72

Plastic kits of military vehicles in 1/72 scale.

Vehicle Kits 1/35

Plastic kits of military vehicles in 1/35 scale.

Vehicle Resin Kits 1/72

Resin kits in 1/72 scale of rare vehicles.

Vehicle Kits 1/6

Military vehicles and machinery modelkits in 1/6 scale.

Vehicle Kits 1/16

High quality plastic model kits of military tanks and vehicles in 1/16 scale.

Vehicle Kits 1/48 scale

Plastic Model Kits in 1/48 scale of civilian and military vehicles, with wheels and tracks, etc.

Vehicle Kits 1/200

Special vehicles and machines which are made in 1/200 scale due to the size of the original.