Apollo 11 Saturn V Rocket, Plastic Kit 1/96 scale

Apollo 11 Saturn V Rocket, Plastic Kit 1/96 scale

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Apollo 11 Saturn V Rocket, Plastic Kit 1/96 scale.

Plastic kit of the famous Saturn V Moon rocket. As old as the Moon landing, but still a great model with some clues. For example thetanks are made from PS-sheets that will be rolled up. The model is printed and all stages can be seperated. One of the finest and largest models of its kind. Unfortunately Revell still ows us the launch tower.

50 years ago, on July 16th, 1969 at 9:32 a.m. local time the giant Saturn V rocket was launched from launch pad A, LC-39 in Cape Canaveral and send on the most important journey of mankind. The Saturn consisted of three main stages, was 110m high and had a weight of 3.000 metric tons. It carried a load of 50 t including three astronauts and had a maximum speed of 11,2 km/sec. This the 394,000 km long journey to the Moon took only 72 hours.

After several orbits around the Moon the Lunar Exploration Module (LEM) seperated from the Command Module (CM) with the  Astornauts Commander Neil Armstong and E. "Buzz" Aldrin, while Astronaut M. Collins stayed in the Command Module (CM).

On July 21st, 1969 at 3:56 MEZ Commander Neil Armstrong stepped down on the surface of the Moon as the first man ever, been followed by Buzz Aldrin.

  • Saturn V model 1,14m high
  • Launchpad with supports
  • 1st stage (S-IC) with 5 F1 main engine nozzles
  • printed PS sheet stage walls
  • Engine cover
  • 2nd stage (S-II) with 5 nozzles
  • Interstage
  • 3rd stage (S-IVB) with J-2 nozzles  and Helium tanks
  • detailed LEM
  • 1 Astronaut
  • Upper stage with LEM
  • LEM cover with clear section
  • Service Module with nozzle and thrusters
  • Command Module with interior and astronauts figures
  • Escape tower
  • moon display stand



hight:1140 mm


4 colors, brush and cement, kit, instruction

Attention: These are collectors items, no toys! Not suitable for children under 14. Small parts included! Choking hazzard!

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