Apollo 17 Astronaut, Capt. Gene Cernan, The Last Man on the Moon, 1/6 Collectible

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Capt. Gene Cernan, The Last Man on the Moon, 1/6 Collectible.

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Collectible 1/6 scale of last Astronaut on Moon in space suit with extras.

Captain Eugene Andrew "Gene" Cernan is a retired NASA astronaut. He has been into space three times: as pilot of Gemini 9A in June 1966; as Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 10 in May 1969; and as Commander of Apollo 17 in December 1972, the final Apollo lunar landing.

On Apollo 17, Cernan became the eleventh person to walk on the Moon and the last man on the Moon since he was the last to re-enter the Lunar Module Challenger after the mission's third and final extra-vehicular activity (EVA).

Part List (A7L-B Space Suit):

  • Figure body with authentic Gene Cernan Headsculpt
  • LEVA (Lunar Extravehicular Visor Assembly)
  • Pressure Helmet Assembly
  • Communications Carrier
  • Portable Life Support System/Oxygen Purge System (PLSS/OPS)
  • Lunar Hasselblad Camera
  • PLSS Remote Control Unit
  • EVA Gloves with checklist
  • Moonwatch
  • Schmitt Lunar Boots
  • Hammer
  • Stand 

Historical correct collectors figure, no toy!

Attention: These are collectors items, no toys! Not suitable for children under 14. Small parts included! Choking hazzard!

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